Saturday, July 29, 2017

Photos of Ryce and Benja and the Family at Home - And Albert's New Melania Trump Dogfood Bowl!

I thought I would post some casual shots from our skybox of Benja and myself and our family at home.  From the left in the top two photographs-

Boris the Rottweiler (Boris is the pack Alpha Dog -- and is a female)

Albert the German Shepherd

Simon the Doberman

They are all surrounding daddy Benja in the picture above. They get very excited when he comes in to play with them!

Finally, Albert is showing off his new VKC dog food bowl!  I customized it by putting a unique Melania Trump design on it. Albert wants Melania to know that if Donald Trump ever dumps her, he is available -- and will not make her sign a prenup agreement!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Great Second Life Destinations: Giardini di Vita Village, a Tuscan Village in Silverplate Photography

Tuscany is a region in central Italy that is celebrated for its landscape, architecture, and artistic legacy.   It is also a vacation destination of choice among Europeans and the perfect place to rent that perfect honey-stone colored farm house for the summer season. Giardini di Vita Village does a good job of virtualizing a relaxing rustic village in this famous tourist destination.

Villas may be available for rental. Check the board inside the property listings office at the following location:

For more blog coverage and photography:

To see how this destination looks in a four color photography finish:

Photographic Information:

The silverplate photography effect was achieved using Google's free Nik Collection Silver Efex Pro software which you can can find out more about in an article I ran in Eddi Haskell's blog last June:

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