Saturday, November 19, 2016

Second Life Travels: Yasminia Watercolors in the Style of Vincent Van Gogh

I found Yasminia, a particularly well designed mountain lakes region that reminded me of Indian Summer in Northern New England, particularly in the mountainous areas of New Hampshire and Maine.  In fact, this had to be one of the most evocative and timely November locations I have seen in Second Life for this exact time of year. The setting sun and clouds casting reflections on the cool expansive lake reminded me of the scenery around Lake Winnipesaukee, a particularly attractive area in the rugged granite state.

To visit this highly recommended destination:

I am not quite sure how I managed to achieve a Van Gogh effect with there digital images. Call it luck.   These watercolors were processed using free Fotosketcher software. To find out how I did this:

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