Monday, August 1, 2016

Second Life Travels: Watercolors From The Mill

I returned to The Mill recently, a destination which I reviewed this February and admired for its unique olive green high summer landscape. The designers of The Mill, Maxie Daviau and Shakespeare (Skinnynilla) have made major design changes to the landscape in the past four months. A new town center with charming stores now takes up one corner of the region. A trolley track with a period streetcar wraps around the shoreline. Landscaping and land use allocations have changed, but an eponymous windmill and a green and white lighthouse provide twin visual centers for photography. This is a gorgeous destination and one that I highly recommend you visit.

Please note: "The Mill" is a moderate sim that is open to all ages, please respect the owner's wishes for no nudity, sexual conduct, rudeness, violence, and weapons when you visit.  Please treat everyone on the sim with respect.

To visit this very beautiful destination:

These watercolors were processed using free Fotosketcher software. To find out how I did this:

The Mill has a Flickr group:

Sim owner and co-designer Maxie Daviau's Flickr Page:

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