Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Second Life Travels: Oil Pastels from Devil's Point

Devil's Point is a mist-enshrouded and mysterious destination that centers around a train station that is in near disuse, and a swampy waterway overgrown with pines and birches. Look up on the hills and you can find a circle of stone monoliths where, at one time, fierce blue-painted celtic warriors convinced invading Roman armies that they had moved too north for comfort. This is a unique destination and one that calls for experimentation with different late day and foggy  Windlight Sky setting. I highly recommend a visit. Your taxi:


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These oil pastels  were processed with an oil pastel effect using free Fotosketcher software. To find out how I did this:


  1. I knew u are an artist, but I like these pictures so much! Congrats master of photography!!!!

  2. Thanks for the compliment Benja!


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