Sunday, June 19, 2016

Eros Rising Photo Competition Winners

Note From Ryce:  This information comes from Asharr Antonius

Firstly I would like to Thank Weylin and the GA team for not only letting me run Eros Rising with the GA, but also the organising and running of this year’s great Summer Fest.

I would like to thank our Sponsor Linc Garnet from Impact Photo Worx for joining the event.

I would like to thank all the photographers who took part in the competition and hope they all had fun with their pics.

Also I would like to that those who had the hardest job in this competition the judges who had to picking the winners, and yes none knew who the others where.

Linc Garnet, Crito Galtier, Master Ember, Lady Bri, BlueIce Waya and Ryce Skytower

In the judging none of the Judges were provided with either the location of the pic or the photographer’s name.

1st Place Winner

BamBam with his Pic "What am I Thinking" taken at the Spurt Beach Mall.

2nd Place Winner

Richard Grataine Suoh with his Pic "Eros Caido"  taken at Luna Sancta

3rd Place Winner

Ω DJ ΚЯIMПΛƬIӨП Ω  with his Pic Eros in the Fountain  taken at Terra Lascivus Gay Resort


  1. I like all the photos, good job photographers and models!


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