Saturday, April 30, 2016

Information on the Eros Rising Photo Competition Presented by Asharr Antonius

Note: This Information comes from Asharr Antonius)


Eros Rising is a competition to encourage photographers, and to show off a celebration of the naked avatar.This is a judged photo competition.

How to enter:

Each contestant is required to submit a picture of at least one naked avatar, male or female.
The theme for the picture is "Show Us What Eros Means To You".
The photographer decides on the makeup of the picture.
It is also up to the photographer if they wish to have multiple models in the picture
as long as at least one model is naked.

The picture must be taken on a GA Sim.

In the case of a multiple model picture winning, either the naked avatar or if multiple naked models.
the photographer decides who receives the photo shoot with Impact Photo Worx.
When submitting for the contest, please send a note card with the picture. and the following information to Asharr Antonius.

Photographers Name:
Models Name:
Pose Used in Picture:
GA Sim picture taken at:
Picture size 512x512
Flicker / Blog Link:

All applications must be submitted to Gallusboi Resident by Midnight 27 May 2016

ALL PICTURES MUST BE FULL RIGHTS (COPY, TRANSFER, MODIFY) and placed into the application itself. Applications without full rights pictures may delay your entry!

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