Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Club Photography from NakedCarl: Aqua Lounge 9th Anniversary Party and Post-Party at Starfall

Ryce Skytower and Aqua Club Owner DJ Insyx at 9th Anniversary Party

Aqua Lounge celebrated its 9th anniversary on Tuesday night with DJ Kaj.  A post-party was held at Starfall with DJ Dov. NakedCarl took a great set of images as usual.

Ryce Skytower attended both events as his usual blond self -- and his brunette TMP Mesh Avatar. You can see both looks in these images.

To see more of NakedCarl's photography from Aqua Lounge:

To see more of NakedCarl's photography from Starfall


Starfall Lounge Follow-Up Party

Ryce (his mesh look) and NakedCarl at Starfall Lounge

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  1. Thank you. These parties were a lot of fun. Like old times seeing you there.


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