Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Real Life Hunk Recap-- From Q4 2015

English Model and Actor Andrew Cooper

Here are 7 hunks we selected for the last 3 months of  2015.  You can catch more photographs by using the links featured under the names of the men here.

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Roman Shlyakis

Renato Ferreira

Model Austin Scoggin

Body Builder, Student, and Motivational Guru Ryan Nelson

Canada's New  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

Weight Lifter and Model Raciel Castro:

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Ryce Skates Through Christmas Town

This is simply a not-to-be-missed Second Life holiday destination. Christmas Town is a very pretty shopping and social sim that returns for 2015.  The true joy of the destination is inside the blue ice castle which lies in front of you as you arrive. Jump on either the singles or couples moving pose balls, and make sure to accept the music hud to best experience the ride.

After some very cool lighted effects (see Ryce inside the tunnel below) you enter a dream world reminiscent of several classic holiday movies and television shows, including It's a Wonderful Life and A Charlie Brown Christmas. You move through various scenes doing some amazing figure skating only to finally arrive and be greeted by the press as you are admired by crowds of people for your skating prowess.

This destination has been around in prior years, but the current iteration has been updated and is highly recommended -- for the first time or as a repeat. Your taxi:


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Friday, December 18, 2015

Real Life Hunk: English Model and Actor Andrew Cooper

Andrew Cooper is a 35 year old English model, actor, and singer. He broke into modeling in 2004 by appearing in a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign. He quickly gained visibility as a top model, appearing in ad campaigns and runway work for many major brands including Polo, Armani, DKNY, and Louis Vuitton. In 2013, he appeared in a Diet Coke commercial as a shirtless and sweaty gardener -- quickly making him an international sex symbol. He now can be seen in the E! Series The Royals as Beck , a love interest of Princess  Eleanor. Please enjoy these photographs.

To see photography of William Moseley, another Royals hunk, who plays Prince Liam:



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