Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Special Edition. Real Life Hunk Justin Trudeau, Canada's Prime Minister Elect

Hunky Prime Minister elect of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is our special real life hunk.  Mr. Trudeau was elected Prime Minister -- as head of the Liberal Party of Canada -- on October 19. He is expected to assume office some time in the next two weeks.  Canada does not move new Prime Ministers as quickly into position as the United Kingdom does - usually the next day after the election, but lets the existing Prime Minister move out of the official residence on 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa in a less sudden amount of time.

Mr. Trudeau is 43 years old but looks much younger. He represents a riding in Montreal. His father was one of Canada's most famous Prime Ministers -- Pierre Trudeau. Some of these photos are actually more than 10 years old, but I cannot tell which. Boxing is a hobby of his, and he appears in charity matches in Canada.

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  1. #PMILF I met him in Vancouver years ago before he entered public life -- he was teaching high school. A very nice guy ...

  2. I think he has been groomed for public life all his life-- with both of his parents being so charismatic and world famous. He seems to me to command the center of any room he enters -- and has good social views. He might not have realized he would be Prime Minister one day all his life, but I bet others around him saw the potential there at a young age. He reminds me of the late JFK Jr. who I think would have run for office if he did not die in that plane crash. Chelsea Clinton is another famous child who has charisma -- although she stays out of the limelight.

  3. He is a brilliant man and super nice guy.


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