Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Mesh Project Ryce

After 7 years, it is time to update Ryce - and I thought I would try a Mesh Avatar to see how much better it looked.

Ryce is wearing the Deluxe Avatar from The Mesh Project

This is my first mesh photography shoot, and the mesh Ryce is still under development.  There are several aspects of Ryce that still need to be adjusted, but overall, I think this is a major improvement over Ryce's original look that has not changed for six years.

You can find our more about The Mesh Project here:

All photography was taken at Spurt Beach

Ryce is also wearing:

Labyrinth Skin and Shape

Uncle Web Rex Hair

The Defaux Fitted Metallic Blue Speedo for Mesh Project Avatars

Tong Man Summer Sandals for Mesh Project Avatars


  1. I have thought about going mesh, but had a hard time setting up the avi I have now that I am not sure.

    1. One you have Mesh, every outfit requires adjustment. It is much more complex than what I was used to. If you do get Mesh, have an experienced person go shopping with you. Saying that Mesh does look amazing!


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