Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The End of the Journey -- This Is Our Last Post

Ryce Skytower and Benja Aquila

Due to Google's new adult content policy, this is probably the last post of this blog. All blogs which include sexual content and nudity will be coming down from Blogger on March 23.  This blog is has nudity, is adult in nature-  and will be probably be coming down at that time. I cannot go through almost 1,000 posts and take down any content that may be offensive to Google. We will see what Google decides.

I want to thank everyone who made the past 5 years so enjoyable here -- we have published close to 1000 posts and generated over 130,000 page views.

Ryce will still be blogging over at, which may be staying up after March 23 - or will find a new publishing platform. Please head over there for updates on Ryce Skytoer and and Eddi Haskell in Second Life.

Thanks again for all your support-

Ryce and Eddi

Head Over To: for up to date coverage of Ryce in Second Life

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The 8th Anniversary Celebration of the AquA Lounge Continues Tonight, Saturday February 21, at 8:00 PM

The AquA Lounge celebrates its 8th anniversary with 3 parties this week. Here are my  photographs from the Monday night party with DJ Vaan on February 16!

For more photography from the AquA Lounge 8th Anniversary Week Celebrations  check out NakedCarl's Blog:

Monday, February 16 - with DJ Vaan:

Tuesday, February 17 - with DJ Kaj:

The AquA Lounge 8th Anniversary Party continues tonight, Saturday Feb 21 @ 8pm SLT

Sxy Fckrs Sexplosive Saturdays with DJ Lex and Host Christian $3000L on the board - sexiest when wet and other prizes.

Here is your taxi to the event:

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ryce Reviews Madpea's BURIED Game -- Open Through The End of March 2015

Madpea Productions has a popular new grid-wide game to play called BURIED, the requirement being a HUD that you can purchase at the landing area for $300 Linden.

Their web site explains Buried as follows:

BURIED is a mystery game that will take the player into the world of geocaching to solve the mystery of the disappearance of a writer, Lily Morano. With twists and turns a plenty this isn't just a hunt it’s a full on adventure with the player at the center of attention.

BURIED can be played now through the end of March 2015.

To start the BURIED game, purchase the HUD at this location:

Links to more information:

To see how to play BURIED check out the Madpea Web Site:

To see the prizes that can be won playing the game.

The Zoha Islands Web Site gives a very good write-up and information on how to play the game successfully:

You can also just visit the BURIED set to take gorgeous photographs. The scenery reminds me very much of the Scandinavian coast in late summer,with grey skies heralding colder times to come. The archipelago of Islands shimmers with Birch trees against gorgeous Silver Skies.

The location is also very romantic, with cozy cottages and campsites for you and that special someone to enjoy for Valentine's Day. In fact, the chilly late summer landscape and many warm fires  on the islands make this a lover's paradise, and highly recommended for a visit.

BURIED is currently a Second Life Destination Guide Editors' Pick. Only a handful of destinations are selected for the designation each month. You can see the others here:

The photographs below use All Photography was taken with Windlight Sky Setting (SS) Atmospheric 15:00 Cloudy 2 which is included in the Firestorm viewer as an option.  The other images above use the grey sky setting programmed at the region.