Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tarzan Ryce at the Opening of the Makeahla Jungle

The Makeahla Jungle, a gorgeous four-sim region that invites the visitor to "rediscover the heart of nature " opened on Saturday in a grand ceremony this afternoon. In attendance were Second Life residents, including many as wildlife avatars, and Ryce Skytower who played the role of Tarzan.  The jungle, owned by Makeahla Resident, and decorated by Mz. Marville is full of broad Savannah grasslands, waterfalls, and wildlife.  Make sure to visit this great new addition to Second Life.

To visit the Makeahla Jungle:

To see landscape photography and find our more about the Makeahla Jungle:

Benja Aquila, Ryce Skytower, and Jared Palianta


  1. Love this set of photos. As a boy I liked to go to the woods and pretend to be Tarzan

  2. Ryce told me that he thinks it is groovy to hang out with the animals as Tarzan, but that he has to remember to use use his sun block more since his little Tarzan string is much smaller than his normal speedo bathing suit. Thanks for the compliments on the photos Carl!

  3. mmmmm a sexy tarzan mmmmmmmm yeah!


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