Friday, January 16, 2015

Ryce Visits Sera Bellic's Gorgeous LICK Sim Designs Tropical Rainforest

Sera Bellic's  LICK Sim Designs Tropical Rainforest is a stunningly beautiful destination. I took a substantial number of gorgeous photographs and decided to run this as two posts -- one here, and one which appears on Eddi Haskell's blog here:

Sera is available for landscaping and can design for a single parcel or an entire sim. When you visit make sure your sounds are turned up for the full tropical experience. The boats which appear when you rez into the destination are drivable and give you a good tour of water views.

Highly recommended for anyone who appreciates good gorgeous sim design, and especially photographers. I used Sera's rich blue Windlight Sky Setting already programmed at the destination for these images.

To Visit:

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