Sunday, November 16, 2014

Benja and I Remember Avacar Bluestar, Who Left This World on Friday

Avacar Bluestar, who was one of Benja and my closest friends, passed away on Friday, November 14.  We miss him dearly

Ricogenu, Avacar's partner in Second Life, who is also my dear friend, broke the news to me late Saturday night. I really feel bad for Rico (Ricogenu) right now and wish him my very deepest sympathies because Rico will miss Avacar the most.

Update from Ryce:  You can find my eulogy the I delivered at Avacar's memorial service here:

Avacar and Rico in 2013

I was not sure if I should run anything on my blog about this yet, but I see that the news is public on some other publications, and I can feel that I can write about this now here.

Avacar was a leader on the LGBT scene in Second Life. Besides founding and building the Gay Fun World Sims with Rico, he always gave his time helping LGBT organizations, and giving a huge amount of his time -- and funds --  in making sure that LGBT people in Second Life could call this a second home, and develop here as individuals.

Self Portrait by Avacar

There are only a very small number of people in Second Life who were as loved, and appreciated as Avacar. He was a natural leader, and had a huge amount of personal charisma that everyone who knew him appreciated.

Avacar was more than a Second Life friend.  He was one of my closest friends period. I met Avacar about 5 years ago in Second Life-- and stayed in close contact with him since. Avacar was always there for me, giving me advice and encouragement when I needed it. He always cared about other people, and was there for newbies if they needed a helping hand.

Avacar, Ryce, and Rico at Gay Archipelago Summerfest this July. 

Due to some issues, I have not been as active inworld in Second Life over the past few months. I did manage to see Avacar every other week recently at a club event -- but now am kicking myself that I did not spend more time with Avacar and Rico this autumn. In hindsight, you wish you can redo things -- but what has passed has passed.

I will keep you posted on any events for Avacar coming up.

And for now, my thoughts are with Rico and Avacar's family -- and for anyone else who misses Avacar.

Ryce Skytower (and Eddi Haskell)

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  1. Very sad news Ryce, thank you for sharing it with us. My thoughts are with Ricogenu, Eddi, yourself, and all Avacars friends.


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