Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ryce is Feeling His Nuts to Combat Testicular Cancer

I was challenged by fellow blogger Bock McMillan to take part in the #feelingnuts campaign to combat testicular cancer. So this is my response to his challenge.

Ryce Skytower is taking the challenge as Santa's Little Helper.  Ryce is taking time off packing presents for all good boys and girls at the North Pole and happily is feeling his nuts for the campaign. Ryce would like everyone to know that he is NOT scratching an itch, and does not have any communicable funguses down there.

I am passing the buck on and am now challenging my husband Benja Aquila and good friend Winchi Hollow  to do the same.

Join the  movement, share #feelingnuts on Twitter and get everyone checking their rocks.

Read more about this campaign here CheckingOneTwo.

In case no one has heard the news, Bock McMillan's nuts have gone international as his handsome Swedish body in green shorts has joined Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca as a main feature of the #feelingnuts campaign. Take a look at the top left photo on the home page on Twitter last night!  Congrats Bock!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ryce and Benja Visit Romantic Let It Snow!

"Let It Snow!", a romantic new winter destination,  has lots of couple dances. and nooks and hideaways both indoors and outdoors, to escape with that special someone. The destination is set in a giant snowglobe with interesting clouds and sky patterns; if you have the capability scan out at a maximum distance to see the sim-sized globe. One thing that Benja and I enjoyed was the animated group of musicians near the arrival ara who add much charm to the scene if you decide to dance in front of them. The houses can be visited and have romantic furniture and fires inside. This is a very pretty winter sim to visit, and to enjoy either alone or with a romantic interest, and is highly recommended.

To visit:

To see more blog coverage and photography from this destination:

To find more places to visit, go to the Second Life Destination Guide for Winter Attractions:

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Congratulations to Eddi and Ryce's Second Life For Six Years of Publshing

Eddi and Ryce's Second Life celebrates six years of publishing today and deserves a champagne toast!

7,000 posts and 2 million page views deserve a celebration.  You can read about it here:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ryce Visits Melee Island

I took these images of Ryce enjoying Melee Island, a small Greek Village in the Aegean Sea, at three different times of the day  -- Sunrise above, Midday, and Sunset.

To see the rest of my photography and my full review of this destination:

SLurl to visit this destination:

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hunk of the Week British Actor Dan Osborne

Handsome Dan Osborne is 23 years old and an  English TV personality and model.
Dan  joined the UK reality television show ‘The Only Way is Essex’ in May 2013 and became an immediate sensation. In January 2014 Dan was selected to be one of the 20 contestants in the British show ‘Splash!’ with Olympian Tom Daley. Dan has since appeared on the cover of  Attitude magazine and has other top British publications such as  OK!, Now, Reveal and Star Magazine.  His s baby son, Teddy, appeared on The Only Way is Essex earlier in 2014- which Dan is most proud of.

To see more photos of Dan head over to Eddi's blog:

Friday, November 21, 2014

Here is Information on Avacar Bluestar's Memorial Service Set for Saturday November 22

The memorial service for Avacar Bluestar is set for this Saturday, November 22, at 3:00 PM SLT at the following location:

For those of you who may not year be aware, Avacar passed away on Friday, November 14 from a heart ailment.

There will be a dance get together immediately afterwards to celebrate Avacar's life, and one of his greatest joys, which was music.

Update from Ryce:  You can find my eulogy the I delivered at Avacar's memorial service here:

Avacar Bluestar
We Will Always Remember You

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ryce Skytower, United States Naval Officer

Taken for an upcoming photo shoot.on board the USS Nimitz.

Ryce is wearing the Captain White Golden summer white dress uniform by Caligula that you can fine here on Second Life Marketplace for L$799:

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Benja and I Remember Avacar Bluestar, Who Left This World on Friday

Avacar Bluestar, who was one of Benja and my closest friends, passed away on Friday, November 14.  We miss him dearly

Ricogenu, Avacar's partner in Second Life, who is also my dear friend, broke the news to me late Saturday night. I really feel bad for Rico (Ricogenu) right now and wish him my very deepest sympathies because Rico will miss Avacar the most.

Update from Ryce:  You can find my eulogy the I delivered at Avacar's memorial service here:

Avacar and Rico in 2013

I was not sure if I should run anything on my blog about this yet, but I see that the news is public on some other publications, and I can feel that I can write about this now here.

Avacar was a leader on the LGBT scene in Second Life. Besides founding and building the Gay Fun World Sims with Rico, he always gave his time helping LGBT organizations, and giving a huge amount of his time -- and funds --  in making sure that LGBT people in Second Life could call this a second home, and develop here as individuals.

Self Portrait by Avacar

There are only a very small number of people in Second Life who were as loved, and appreciated as Avacar. He was a natural leader, and had a huge amount of personal charisma that everyone who knew him appreciated.

Avacar was more than a Second Life friend.  He was one of my closest friends period. I met Avacar about 5 years ago in Second Life-- and stayed in close contact with him since. Avacar was always there for me, giving me advice and encouragement when I needed it. He always cared about other people, and was there for newbies if they needed a helping hand.

Avacar, Ryce, and Rico at Gay Archipelago Summerfest this July. 

Due to some issues, I have not been as active inworld in Second Life over the past few months. I did manage to see Avacar every other week recently at a club event -- but now am kicking myself that I did not spend more time with Avacar and Rico this autumn. In hindsight, you wish you can redo things -- but what has passed has passed.

I will keep you posted on any events for Avacar coming up.

And for now, my thoughts are with Rico and Avacar's family -- and for anyone else who misses Avacar.

Ryce Skytower (and Eddi Haskell)