Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ryce Finds Out He Has Irish Ancestry!

This concerns some news about myself in real life.  I just found out I am part Irish!

I love St. Patrick's Day and the entire idea of celebrating Ireland, the blessed Emerald Isle. In fact, St Paddy's Day is celebrated every year in this blog -- more than any other holiday. I always preface the celebrations by letting people know why I celebrate the holiday even though I have no Irish ancestry.

I am wrong!  I am part Irish!
Well I have been proven wrong! has a DNA test that you can take to determine your ancestry.  The test costs $99.00 and is painless, you spit in a vile and mail it in and wait a few weeks for your results.

Although I thought my ancestry was anything but Irish, I found out that 4-8% of my genes are from Irish ancestors! Needless to say I am delighted, as is Ryce who is celebrating  by wearing his St. Patrick's Tartan in Ohare's Gap which you can visit here:

You can see more photography from Ohare's Gap, a good representation of a seaside town in Ireland here:

So now you have it! Ryce is part Irish and wears his green in Pride! Erin Go Bragh everyone!

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