Friday, October 24, 2014

Hell House, A Sick and Twisted "Palace of Perversions" For Second Life Halloween

Halloween in Second Life is one of the most celebrated events of the year. A great many sim designers have gone through considerable time and expense to showcase what is both magical and horrible. My main blog,, has featured a review of Second Life Halloween Destinations since October 23 and will continue to do so though October 31, the date of Halloween itself.

See more photography from this destination over at Eddi's blog:

Every Halloween, I discover at least one Second Life destination that truly challenges prevailing socially acceptable norms. This year's winner for the most shocking destination is Hell House. Hell House rightly bills itself as "a very disturbing and twisted Palace of Perversions filled with nightmarish and sometimes pornographically explicit sexual imagery". This sums up the location perfectly-- but underestimates the sheer nausea that some of you may feel after you visit.

If you are into experiences such as being raped on an altar table by a massive dragons with a huge phallus, who will talk about the experience in chat using some very graphic and profane language for everyone to hear, this destination is for you and is highly recommended.

To Visit:

Make sure your Windlight Sky Setting is set to Midnight or to another dark environment setting.

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