Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Make Sure to Visit That's Italy by Mexi Lane Before it Closes

That's Italy is an art installation by conceptual artist Mexi Lane over at The Imagin@rium.
Imagine a rusted cargo ship named Italy - full of small buildings and cargo containers- and surrounded by a tugboat and lifeboats full of sculptural objects resembling people, with some dead bodies thrown overboard, and you have the charm of this That's Italy. Gulls flying around and admiring the floating bodies as potential carrion ad to the charm of the exhibit. At first, I thought that the exhibit was a metaphor for the atrocious Italian food one gets when visiting the city of Venice, but I am wrong -- the cargo ship is named Italy itself.

You can get a hovercraft and sail around the exhibit, which is a great way to ee things close up.

To visit the exhibit over at the Imagin@rium.  Note: This exhibit will be up for a limited amount of time.


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Monday, October 27, 2014

From Benja's Blog: Help Kickstart A Hot Film Project

Matthew Ludwinski
From Benja's Blog:

"Kiss Me, Kill Me" is an amazing film project which will be a reality if they can raise a bit more money with Kickstarter.

Directed and produced by Casper Andreas (Going Down in LA-LA Land) and written and produced by David Michael Barrett (Such Good People), it is an Alfred Hitchcock/Agatha Christie-style film set in a little town called West Hollywood.

The movie starts with Dusty confronting his unfaithful boyfriend. When he comes to, his boyfriend was murdered and he's the prime suspect.

Continued over at Benja's blog:

To go directly to the Kickstarter project:

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Hell House, A Sick and Twisted "Palace of Perversions" For Second Life Halloween

Halloween in Second Life is one of the most celebrated events of the year. A great many sim designers have gone through considerable time and expense to showcase what is both magical and horrible. My main blog,, has featured a review of Second Life Halloween Destinations since October 23 and will continue to do so though October 31, the date of Halloween itself.

See more photography from this destination over at Eddi's blog:

Every Halloween, I discover at least one Second Life destination that truly challenges prevailing socially acceptable norms. This year's winner for the most shocking destination is Hell House. Hell House rightly bills itself as "a very disturbing and twisted Palace of Perversions filled with nightmarish and sometimes pornographically explicit sexual imagery". This sums up the location perfectly-- but underestimates the sheer nausea that some of you may feel after you visit.

If you are into experiences such as being raped on an altar table by a massive dragons with a huge phallus, who will talk about the experience in chat using some very graphic and profane language for everyone to hear, this destination is for you and is highly recommended.

To Visit:

Make sure your Windlight Sky Setting is set to Midnight or to another dark environment setting.

To see other Halloween-themed sims in Second Life check out the destination directory:

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ryce Takes the Linden Lab Haunted Halloween Tour and Avoids Being Made into Hamburger Meat

Ryce wanted to puke after taking the Linden Lab Halloween ride. He really enjoyed the experience and recommends it for all.

To see more photography and read a full review of this Linden Lab destination open for Halloween Week 2014:

To visit take the portal marked Halloween from the central arrival area:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Story of How Ryce Became a Pole Dancer at West Lust Continued

The captions below tell the story of how Ryce becomes a pole dancer at Wet Lust, an adult-rated roleplay region with an urban sexual theme.

To find out how Ryce landed in this predicament, and to see more photography from Wet Lust,
check out my earlier post from last month

To visit:

Security Guard Ryce Skytower was patrolling Wet Lust on his motorcycle.

Ryce questioned a bus stop trollop about her loitering.

She managed to convince Ryce to take off his shirt
so that she could "examine the goods".

She then tells Ryce he can at least triple his income by wearing fewer clothes.
Ryce is intrigued.

He needs more money, and likes the feel of the cool night air on his bare skin.
Ryce stops and thinks.

What about the strip club in town?

He has heard that they have male strippers on staff.
Ryce heads over to the strip club.

Ryce decides to apply for a job while showing his baton off.
The manager of the club hires Ryce immediately!

 His gets paid $10 an hour and whatever money is shoved into his pants as tips.  
Will Ryce make it as a pole dancing stripper?

He has not yet told his partner Benja about this.

But for now it sure is fun!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Security Guard Ryce Visits Wet Lust- A Morality Tale

Ryce asks a bus stop trollop to move along. She is very intrigued by Ryce's baton.

"Wet Lust" is an adult role play destination that is full of very cool visages featuring inhabitants who do not move or speak -- but add much to the allure. There are many sex poses around, and places to bring a date if you are into making love in interesting public places. However, I loved the atmospherics for photography, I decided that Ryce Skytower should role play as a security guard, and have written a story to accompany my photographs.

To visit West Lust (adult rated, please wear an observer tag if you are not a group member when you arrive):

Ryce spends another sordid evening at Security Headquarters.

The sex workers are everywhere -- they follow Ryce and strip for his attention.

A lady of the night works the subway station which is clearly illegal.

She is not impressed with Ryce and stands in a very wanton position.

Our hero is out of gas. Wet Lust is completely depraved,
and the ladies of the night will not go away.

Ryce patrols Wet Lust -- and comes across a horrific scene!

Ryce comes across a murder scene-- but is ignored by the authorities.

Ryce calls his supervisor from a busy public toilet to report the strange murder scene.

His supervisor tells him not to worry, what he witnessed was the filming of a tourism ad.

Ryce cannot believe it but Wet Lust has now legalized prostitution!

Ryce continues to patrol.  His attitude changes.

A very sweet night worker and asks Ryce  to take his shirt off
so that she can "examine the goods".  Ryce complies with her request. 
She suggests that Ryce could  triple his income working shirtless.

Ryce decides to go with the flow and see where the evening will take him

Ryce enjoys the cool  air against his bare skin and heads out in the night.