Monday, May 26, 2014

Ryce Models Combat Body Art by Flit Ink

Flit Ulrik's Flit Ink, located at The Junkyard at The Wastelands roleplay area, sells both furnishings and decorative items for the home, and tattoos and other body art   for the Post-Apocalyptic lifestyle.

Ryce Skytower is wearing a series of tattoos, bruises, cuts, and dirt which have turned him into a  tough warrior ready to take on any Motorcycle Gang or other bunch of baddies roaming the Wastelands landscape. All of Flit's items are well priced and very atmospheric and will help you create the perfect look for the world of the future where survival is key.

All Photography was taken with Windlight Setting (Tor) Sunrise Coastal 3.

Ryce is wearing:

Broken nose bandage tattoo:  L$30,

Combat Scars : Face plant face tattoo: L$ 50

Dirty Wastelander full body tattoo:  L$ 200

Bruiser full body tattoo:   L$ 200


To visit Flit Ink:

Items are also on sale at the Marketplace:

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Ryce Stands Outside Flit Ink

Flit Ink, Ryce, and Flea 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ryce Hangs at Terra Lascivius Gay Resort on Tuesday Night

With DJ Regi Yifu and Host Crito Galtier. To find out more about this club and destination, head over to their web site: