Thursday, January 30, 2014

NakedCarl Photographs Ryce at Manhole Mondays at Gay Fun World

The DJ at this event is Sasch Petrov.

That is host Avacar in some of the photographs with Ryce.

To see more photography from the event:
NakedCarl: Gay Fun World - Manhole Monday (2): Monday January 24, 2014 with DJ Sasch, Host Avacar and Dancer Randy ...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ryce and Benja Photography Featured in Important New College Textbook For Health Professionals

A photograph of Benja and Ryce is carried in an important new textbook, Sociology for Health Professionals, which was just released by Sage Publishing, one of the largest higher education textbook publishers in the world.

The photograph of Ryce and Benja, by Eddi Haskell,  is carried on page 72 in the textbook in the chapter on sexuality. The photograph illustrates the concept of the usage of avatars on "the safe haven of the internet" to "experiment with new sexual behaviours".   You can see the original photo below, and as it appears on the Sage website.