Friday, August 30, 2013

Ryce and Friends at Spurt

Photographed at Spurt Beach on Saturday, August 24.

Herr Direktor is on the left and DJ Karl Kalchek is on the right of Ryce below.

You can see more photographs of Herr which ran on this blog on Monday:


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

From NakedCarl: A Second Life Dream ( Fantasy ) Came True

Note from Ryce: I want to thank NakedCarl for publishing these great photographs and saying all these kind things about me over at his blog!

To catch more photography of the two of us dancing head on over to Eddi's blog:
From NakedCarl in his blog yesterday:

In real life we all have dreams and fantasies. This can also be true in second life. I have a friend, Ryce Skytower, a fellow blogger in second life. For over two years I have seen and admired the photos of his dancing with others. 

 Monday was a lucky night for me. I came on line as I do many times and logged into second life just to check and see what was going on. I did a TP to Spurt Beach. Shortly after arriving I met up with Ryce and we ended up dancing and talking. 

 It was a great time and my heart would skip a beat from time to time. Eddi Haskell took and posted a series of photos and you can see them on his blog. I am truly proud of this series. Go check them out. 

 Now is'nt this guy hot.

(Note: All photography by NakedCarl)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy Fourth Rez Day Benja Aquila!

Ryce's amazing partner Benja is four years old today in Second Life and Ryce wants the world to know he is madly in love with this guy!