Friday, May 10, 2013

Benja and Ryce Visit Hazardous

Hazardous is an addictive destination, I found myself going back and back to visit. Arrival is in an elevated sphere (see Ryce and Benja below) that looks like a storage room that has not been cleaned in a while. I could not find a teleport down -- instead, you just fall to the ground, which is fun to do anyway.

Ryce and Benja in the Hazardous Arrival Sphere
One you arrive on the ground you realize that hazardous is a horseshoe shaped elevated island with a store (or something that does not seem to be open) located at the ground level. There are interesting things to do on the ground, including a fun swing (see Ryce below) and dance areas. It is sparse, and very atmospheric -- make sure to leave your environment to the recommended settings in your environmental editor for proper effect:  Highly recommended for a visit.

/*Sky: "[NB] Aftermath 1630" Water: "glassy"

SLURL to destination:

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