Friday, May 31, 2013

Benja and Ryce at The Gay Porn-Filled House at 69 Paradise Avenue, A 1960 Dream in Retro Design

This 1960's-style house is the height of great Americana retro home design.  It also is packed full of seedy gay porn and fun sex animations, as Benja and Ryce took advantage of on a recent visit. Ryce especially liked the gynecological exam chair which you can see in the kinky series of basement photos below.

A fun and educational place to visit. Recommended!

SLURL to location:

One thing -- this house is incongruously placed at  69 Paradise Avenue, Florida 33012, which puts in the middle of a nondescript place called Hialeah, Florida in the Miami area -- when in fact it would be more likely to be found in Wilton Manors, one hour north near Fort Lauderdale -- a town which ranks second in the United States in terms of gay residents per capita. They have lots of houses which look just like this in the sunny South Florida climate. The design of the house would be equally at place anywhere in the Southern or Western United States, and is really a joy to look at in its virtual form.


The kinky basement

Club Photography: Ryce at Gay Club Paradise on Thursday Night with DJ Graves and Host Zaemiel

Ryce had a great time last night catching up with old friends at this late night club. The new outdoor location, hot stff, and great music make it an after-hours favorite. Ryce plans to go back.