Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ryce Recommends That You Visit Discovery, Disneyworld in Second Life

Hello readers, please read this carefully.

You simply must see this destination.

Discovery is the single coolest sim I have ever visited in my six years at Second Life.

I am a Floridian.  I know that Orlando, Florida, home of Disneyworld and Epcot Center, among other attractions, are the holy grail of tourism to our sunny state.

You can now visit a great virtualization of Orlando amusement parks and ride on Space Mountain, the single coolest ride in existence at Discovery. You can also take other rides and see a great movie in the round that can rival any shown in Orlando. The location also is a very cool build.

You simply must see this place.  No ifs and or buts. Go now.

Discovery has been open for two months and is already attracting crowds.  Xadllas Bing built 80% of Discovery, along with help from  Kickkill Su.  Conner Ludlow scripted Space Mountain.  They did an amazing job.

Important:  Please donate your lindens if you liked the build and attractions.. These guys have sunk a good deal of  of time and money into development and need your support. Fellow bloggers, please write a post and mention this if you can.

Ryce on a cool space ride that made him want to puke. He loved it. 

The real Space Mountain.  Look at the amazing virtualization above. 

Benja, builder   Xadllas Bing, and Ryce pose in the cool movie attraction

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