Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Top 10 Photographs From This Blog For October, 2012- According To Our Readers
1. DJ Sora Bluebird

Here are the top 10 photographs from this blog according to number of reader downloads for the month of October 2012.

To see other photos in each series click on the caption under the photo.
2. Ryce Skytower Nude Universe Series
3. Russ Moonites
4. Janosch Raymaker by Guest Photographer Frodo
5. Eddi Haskell
6. Gregster Kidd
(note: This is the second month running for Gregster making the top 10 list)
7. The Creation of Ty by Guest Photographer Regi Yifu
8. The Bodega Bay Club
9. Ryce and MikeTom Carter at Spurt Beach
10. Ryce attends Reese Zoon's Rezday Party at Spurt Beach

Monday, October 29, 2012

Ryce and Eddi at DJ InsyX's 6th Rez Day Party at Spurt Beach on Sunday Night

What a great event! DJ InsyX turned 6 last night at an absolutely packed and fun party aboard the Pirate Ship at Spurt Beach. Over 150 people popped in an out all evening, the the sim had 56 people on it at one point, which is a record for a late night event on the gay club scene. DJ InsyX played tunes for his rezday and no wonder the event was packed -- everyone turned out to celebrate a great individual's six years on Second Life.

Eddi initially came as Captain America (above), and Ryce followed by dancing with his new friend. handsome Benja Aquilla (below).

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ryce At The Bodega Bay Club on Friday Night

DJ Graves was spinning at this club to a very hot crowd.  Handsome host Viper (the dude is hot) kept the crowed entertained.  I think most of the guys ended up going to a hot orgy after, and I want to go back.

Highly recommended.