Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ryce Models Redgrave's Classic Belted Jeans

The jeans come in two versions -  hear is the version with a belt
Everyone needs a great pair of blue jeans in their wardrobe. Ryce is wearing his favorite jeans from a classic Second Life clothing designer Redgrave, which is probably the most famous name for men's clothes and skins around the grid. Ryce Skytower has more items from Redgrave, and where Redgrave items more often, then any other designer in Second Life.

Here are the the jeans without a belt.

Most Redgrave jeans (there are many to chose from) are in the 300 - 400 Linden price range. These jeans, which are simply called "Blue Jeans with Belt" only close 140 Linden, are actually Ryce's favorite.  They are inexpensive for what you get - 3 well made versions for different looks. The jeans come without a belt, with belt, and optional three-dimension belt buckle. They are hihly detailed, and simply look great.

The stitching on the rear is very realistic

Blue Jeans With Belt

modify and transfer

140 Linden

SLURL to Redgrave
(note, the place is much less laggy than it has been in the past), and new items, including several new skins,  have recently been added to the expanded collection)

Fabric detailing and color variation for a nice washed look 

Optional second belt buckle  

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  1. Just got the jeans and love them. A great store. I will be going back. Thanks


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