Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ryce Models Roosters Chaps and Cowboy Boots

Roosters Assless Chaps - Dark Jeans Option

Ryce likes his outfits from Max Alvord's Roosters, a brand which specializes in stripper outfits for the guy or gay who likes to bare all by taking off layers of clothes.

Roosters Assless Chaps -  Thong Option
Ryce reviewed his Tom Cruise Risky Business stripper outfit here in November.  He is now wearing one of his favorite outfits for basic clubbing nights, a cowboy themed outfit which consists of classic assless chaps and cowboy boots.
Roosters Assless Chaps - No Underwear Layer Option

The assless chaps come in four versions in pants and underwear layers - Dark Jeans, Light Jeans, Thongs, and No Underwear (actually designed for you to wear your own underwear or jock, or go commando).

Roosters Assless Chaps - No Underwear Layer Option

The assless chaps cost 299 and are available at the Rooster's store and on SL Marketplace here:

Roosters Cowboy Boots

The well detailed Cowboy Boots, with silver buckle, cost $350 Linden. They are available at the Roosters Store (along with a wide selection of other well made boots) and on SL Marketplace here:

Roosters Assless Chaps - Light Jeans Option
Roosters  has a great selection of clothes.  They are well designed and can be worn clubbing- or just for dressing cool.  You can visit the store here:

Roosters Chaps Buckle Detailing

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  1. Great outfit. I must in time do a make over so I can wear outfits like this. Very hot look. Thanks


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