Monday, December 31, 2012

Ryce Celebrates Sydney's New Years Eve at The Den

Ryce celebrated Sydney's New Years Eve earlier today at Chade Dagger's Den with DJ Arc and a whole bunch of Aussies and others. The fireworks came out right at midnight Sydney time, or 6 am Second Life time. New Years Eve is a whole day affair in Second Life.

Benja Aquila's Second Life: 2012 Ryce

My love Benja wrote an incredible post in his blog about me today.  I am so in love with Benja.  Please head over to his blog to read the rest and see the rest of his his cool photofunia images.

Benja Aquila's Second Life: 2012: Ryce:  The brightest star in my sky   The year 2012 had 365 days as any year but this year has not been like any year, in 2012 I have met Ry...

Happy 2013 Everyone!

1,111,111 Combined Hits for Ryce and Eddi's Blogs

I have been looking forward to this event for a while.

I have just hit seven ones on my Statcounter gadget.

This means one million, one hundred and eleven thousand, and one hundered and eleven page views for the combined counts of Eddi and Ryce's blogs since their inception four years ago.

or 1,111,111 page views.

I am not sure numerology means anything but it still is a cool thing to see on New Year's eve.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Benja Aquila- The Main Reason Why 2012 Has Been An Incredibly Good Year

Benja and Ryce

2012 has been a good year for me.  Lots of good things have happened. For example-

  • My mom has had a very successful recovery from major heart surgery. She still needs to get back in shape, but all considering, she is doing incredibly well. We are going to have dinner on Sunday at Ruth Chris Steak House, a place that we love and do not get to go to that often.

  • I am getting work in as an independent consultant from a well known technology company. I do not have to show up at an office and worry about being political and looking like I fit in at work. I do not know if the independent consulting work with continue, but people seem to like what I am doing. 
  • President Obama and Joe Biden won reelection. The world will not be thrown into another recession due to misguided Republican economics. 
  • Many of you may remember that my godson and nephew died three years ago, unexpectedly. Although she is not a replacement for him, my two year old niece who lives in Virginia is doing very well and is as cute as a button, and has brought joy to my extended family. 
Although Second Life is not a replacement for my first life, one thing has happened to me that has brought great happiness to me, and his name is Benja Aquila, my new partner (as Ryce Skytower) and my fiancee. 

Quite simply, I love Benja. I love seeing him when I log in every day.  I love being with him, and I love every thing about him. He is the most kind, talented, and sweet person I have ever met. He is incredibly handsome and sexy, and, in fact, is the most romantic person I have met -- I think his coming from the Catalan Region in Spain has something to do with this. 

As many of my friends know, my partner of four years, Jago Constantine, left Second Life (except for an occasional visit) in early October due to some real life issues.    I was quite upset over this, and felt that a part of me was missing. I did not expect to fall in love as fast as I did, but Benja is special, and we ended up partnering five weeks after Jago and I ended our relationship. 

Benja, who I have known since the late summer, was there to provide the warmth and love that I needed when Jago left. I cannot compare the two, but Benja's passion and raw sexiness is incredible-- he has swept me off my feet.

I  thank Jago for letting me go on my way and being honest with me when he told me that he simply did not have time to spend inworld. He gave me the leeway to fall in love with Benja by doing so. We ended our partnership but are staying very good friends, I have seen Jago three times since he left. And I will tell people that Jago is incredibly happy for us, and is relieved that I have found someone as wonderful as Benja in Second Life to take care of me.

I am actually partnered as Eddi to Jandro, Benja's handsome alt who he made because I do not want Eddi to be single. But I am in Second Life as Ryce most of the time, and am with Benja as much as I can be. And he has brought the biggest happiness to me this year. I am one lucky guy!

All the best for 2013,
Eddi Haskell/ Ryce Skytower
Benja and Ryce together one month on December 13. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012