Friday, October 14, 2011

Ryce's You Tube Hit From 2009 Demonstrates Advanced Photographic Sky Settings

Ryce Skytower demostrates the Eggdrop2 advanced sky setting

The Second Life Emerald Viewer Advanced Environmental Settings
Uploaded on by Eddi Haskell on Sep 23, 2009

My biggest Second Life hit on You Tube, with 13,000 hits contains nothing but poorly sized photographs of Ryce Skytower.  It is also my most poorly produced video, with boring content (unless you really like to look at Ryce's sculpted torso) and poor production values. However, it does do what it is supposed to so -- show how different lighting conditions affect avatar visualization.

I am showing it here in honor of Ryce's  third rez day today.

I did this video (actually a slide show accompanied by the music of British boy bad A-1 from about 12 years ago) to demonstrate some of the different light settings available in the now defunct Emerald viewer.  These were not well known two years ago.   The same settings are available in the Phoenix and other viewers today in the "advanced sky" settings in the environmental editor in the World tab. I give the name of each sky setting along with the appropriate image.

Here is what I wrote for a description:

The Emerald viewer is an optional viewer for the Virtual World of Second Life. It has over 50 new environmental light settings available in advanced sky editor. Model Ryce Skytower demonstrates how these light settings look on his skin. There are subtle yet very dramatic differences.

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