Friday, October 7, 2011

Ryce is Three Years Old Today: This Is The Story of his Life

Ryce started out as an experiment in 
advanced gay avatar design three years ago. 

Ryce was never supposed to be a rocket scientist. 

But he could surf with no waves!

Ryce quickly became known for his best asset.

Ryce was exceptionally blessed 
without any armpit hair. 

And fabulous fashion sense -- here he is wearing one of his many blond cuts. 

Ryce quickly became a gym bunny, 
you can see the results for yourself!

My partner Jago never really took well to Ryce.
Here he is trying to shoot him with a machine gun. 

Ryce aslo has a neko look. 

Ryce also had a short-lived meteoric career as a
Second Life Porn Star

(warning:  mature link, must be older than 18 to link)

And here is Ryce, getting ready to enter his fourth year
over at his own blog.


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