Monday, October 3, 2011

Choosing a New Picture of Ryce for The New Blog Masthead

Winning Photo for New Masthead
In case you have noticed not, this blog has a new Masthead image showing Ryce and his white behind which needs to be tanned (or as his Spanish nickname goes "culo blanco".  I used Photoshop on the image above taken at Squirt Beach to clean up some of the rough edges, and then applied a border and lettering with free Scribus open-source page layout program (which has many of the capabilities of similar programs from Quark and Adobe).

It was hard selecting the image to use-- I want to show you some alternatives I had to work with below. The reddish hue Ryce is attractive but not as realistic, so I chose a more neutral color to use as a photographic base.

- Eddi Haskell

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