Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ryce's Video Breaks 12,000 Hits on You Tube

My you tube channel just broke 200,000 hits, a milestone.

I also just had my first 1,000 hit day on February 15.

Most of my viewers are from the United States.  However, the top 10 countries almost exactly match where the viewers of this blog are from.

Since I opened my channel in July 2008, two and one-half years ago, I have uploaded 146 videos, including photomontages and machinimas.

About 50% of my hits have come from the 14 videos  that I  have done that have nothing to do with Second Life or Virtual Reality.  50% of my hits are coming from the remaining 132.  Out of those, 118 are about Second Life and 14 are about Blue Mars.

My most popular Second Life video with over 12,000 hits is called "The Second Life Emerald Viewer Advanced Environmental Settings".  The Emerald viewer, now banned, was the precursor to the Phoenix viewer.

I made it as a bit of joke, however. All the video is are images of my photogenic alt, Ryce Skytower, standing against a wall, showing off his armpits and buff torso and looking vapid. I imagine that many people who expected a more technical study of photography in the Emerald Viewer were thought my video was junk.  Several people seemed to think Ryce was a real -world person and offered me dates in private messages which was interesting.

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