Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A New Profile Photograph for Ryce

On Thursday of last week, I reviewed Ryce modeling Uncle Web's Nick hair in Oriental Brown.

I thought some of these shots might make a nice profile photograph.

I recommend the following for the perfect profile photo:

1. The dimensions should be 4 wide x 3 high.

2. Since the area for the profile photo is very limited, showing only your face will produce the best recognition. An entire body shot is simply too big for the limited space on hand.

3. Use your name. Although a full name is not necessary, a name helps people remember you -- which is why you want to have a profile photo in the first place.

4. Keep the pixels to 512 x 512 (or even 256 x 256) when you upload. Anything bigger will take too long to rez.

I am not sure I will use any of these for Ryce, but I did want to share these images with you.

Ryce's current profile photo is shown at the very end.

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