Monday, February 28, 2011

Full Frontal Ryce

Since I cannot publish these on my blog (, which is not a mature blog, I can only post these nice photos of Ryce at Paradise Beach here.

Friday, February 25, 2011

You Tube: Ryce Demonstrates the Orakul Virtual Guy AO

Ryce demonstrates the Orakul Virtual Guy AO -- animation override-- which seems to highlight his blonde personality very well in this You Tube video by Eddi Haskell.

The music is Deborah Harry's (Blondie's) Platinum Blonde, her first big hit.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ryce Show off His New Barefoot Life Guard Wet Speedo At Junglboys

Fabric can look real in Second Life. Ryce models Jeremy Ryan's Barefoot lifeguard speedo.

$245 Linden and available in a wide range of fabrics.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Produce Prescription - A Very Hot Story by Seth Cybertar

Ryce at the beach

Seth Cybertar is a friend of mine in Second Life.  I am running this story -- it's pretty hot.  Please check out Seth's blog if you like this story for others:

Produce Prescription
by Seth Cybertar

Aaron is a 28 year old with dirty blonde hair, average body, generally a nice looking guy.
He lives alone with his lazy, mixed breed dog he named Jax, he got form Animal Rescue a couple of years ago. They live in a small house on 4 acres of land in central California, down a long dusty drive just outside of Sacramento California.

Aaron works at a hospital in the area in the pharmacy filling prescriptions for patients of the hospital, it’s a great job but Aaron gets bored doing the same thing everyday then goes home alone to Jax.

I’ve got to change my life. Aaron thinks as he drives the 20 minute commute home,
I’m tired all the time, no…. I think I am just in a rut and getting older, hell I’m alone and I’m tired of that.

It’s been months since he had sex and that was with a guy he had met at a bar in Fresno, the guy turned to out to be a jerk, just wanting a one night stand and kept calling Aaron “Alfred”.

Aaron pulls his red Jeep soft top into the Safeway grocery store parking lot to grab a few things for dinner as he was tired of frozen meals.
Inside the store he was getting some baby carrots to steam when he noticed the produce guy was looking at him from a few feet away.
Being a little shy Aaron turned away from the gaze of the cute guy.
Back to the carrots, then picking up some potatoes Aaron heard “can I help you?” right behind him making him jump a little.

I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, I just wanted to know if there is anything I can do for you? My name is Kyle. The produce guy stated.

No, I’m fine, Aaron said as he looked into Kyle’s sexy blue gray eyes and immediately looked away again.
Ok, fine, If I can help you in any way, just let me know, I’ll be right over there with the strawberries. Kyle said with a big smile.
As Kyle walked towards the berries Aaron was taking a quick look at Kyle’s ass and again looked away before anyone saw him visually undressing him.

Aaron continued shopping picking up a roast in the meat department, milk and a few other things but his mind was still on Kyle’s nice eyes, and handsome tanned face.
Aaron decided that he was going back to the produce department and would think of a reason on the way.
Finding Kyle still working on the strawberries, Aaron pushed his cart over and “accidentally” bumped it into Kyle’s ass.
Oh excuse me, I’m so sorry, the wheel must have hit something on the floor. Aaron said with a winning smile.
Oh, No problem, no harm, Kyle said as he smacked his ass lightly.
It was all Aaron could do not to look away as he wanted Kyle to know that he was interested just in case Kyle was in the market for a fling or more.

What can I help you with?  Kyle asked.
Oh… I think I need some of those juicy looking strawberries, maybe I’ll make a nice strawberry shortcake to eat after my roast.
Kyle looks into the shopping cart at the roast and says look’s like you have a plan there! having a party?
No, just me and my dog, I know, it’s a rather large roast, I may need some help eating it. Aaron said with a laugh.
Hey, if you  have nothing going on, maybe you could join me? Aaron asked.
No, I couldn’t impose, Kyle said, but if you are going to be alone?  Are you sure?
Yeah, It’s great, I may put you to work cutting the berries up even, Aaron laughed. Are you available tonight about 6pm?

Yes, I’m single, so every night I’m available, you will save me from McDonald’s again Kyle said with a grin.
Kyle handed Aaron a notepad he used for ordering produce and asked Aaron to write his address and phone number down.
Aaron was getting very self conscious and wanted to get home and  pick things up and light a candle or two as the house sometimes smelled like dog when Jax needs a bath.
Kyle smiled a big grin looking at the note seeing Aaron’s name and said, I’ll see you there, Aaron.

Aaron got home wondering to himself if he was crazy for inviting the produce guy home for dinner, well either way it’s set now. He got the roast into the pressure cooker and dinner would be done in about an hour, Kyle would be here in about 30 minutes.
Jax, Aaron said,  we are having company over for dinner, so you need to be on your best behavior tonight.
He is pretty cute too, he is about my age too and seems very nice. Aaron said as he patted Jax on the head.
The dog looked at his friend and master turning his head to the side, wondering what the hell he was talking about, but he did clue in the word ‘dinner”.

Aaron jumped into the shower thinking of Kyle as he soaped his chest going to his crotch rubbing it a bit too much deep in thought as he rinsed off making his cock stand out some.
Jax started barking, another jack rabbit too close to the door again? that’s how Jax got his name, he liked to chase rabbits but was way too slow to actually catch any.
I’m coming Jax, I’ll let you out to chase it, hang on. Aaron called out to his dog as he walked toward the door still drying off from the shower.
Aaron opened the front door and said “get him” as the dog ran out the door barking.

As soon as those words were out of his mouth he looked up right into Kyle’s face just outside the door.
Oh my gosh, Aaron said as he tried to cover his wet lower half with the towel. I’m so sorry, I thought it was a rabbit out here.
No need to apologize, I’m the one that should be sorry, I’m very early, it didn’t take as long to get here as I thought it would. Kyle said. Maybe I should wait out here till you are ready for me?
Come in Kyle, I’ll get dried off and dressed, it won’t take a minute. Aaron called out as he walked toward his bedroom. Looking back he caught Kyle checking his half bare ass.

Don’t  worry, I won’t send Jax after you again, Aaron said laughing as he walked back into the room pulling a polo over his head.
Kyle extended his hand to Aaron, thanks for the invitation for dinner tonight, I appreciate it. Kyle said.
Can I help you in the kitchen? Maybe those berries still need to be cut? Kyle asked.
Oh here I brought something for you and your dog, Jax? Is it? Kyle asked as he handed a bag to Aaron.
Yeah, Jax, loves the rabbits, Oh, beer, dog biscuits and shortcake cups, great, the staples of life, thanks so much Kyle! Aaron said.

I noticed that you really didn’t plan on strawberry shortcake’s for dessert when you didn’t have any cakes in your cart. I was thinking that you came back to the produce department because I caught your eye? Kyle asked.
Aaron looked down at the floor real fast, well,, yeah, I was hoping that I could get you over here for dinner tonight and the strawberries were a fast excuse to come talk to you again. Aaron said still embarrassed somewhat red faced.
Kyle grinned and said, I’m glad you did, I don’t get out too much and usually don’t get hit on by guy’s as cute as you are, as he put his hand onto Aaron’s shoulder.
Aaron looked at Kyle’s hand and placed his own hand over it, feeling the warmth of Kyle’s skin.
Your hair is still a bit wet Kyle said as he ran hid hand around Aaron’s neckline pulling him closer.
Aaron leaned in and took an easy kiss, sliding an arm around Kyle’s back.
Kyle inhaled Aaron’s clean scent deeply, kissing him harder and deeper than before.

Let me get those strawberries cut up so they can soften in some sugar, Kyle said as he leaned back on the kitchen counter.
Aaron smiled as he handed Kyle a knife  and a bowl to cut them into. Patting him on the ass as he walked over to the door to let Jax back inside.
Jax ran straight for Kyle shoving his nose right into Kyle’s crotch, Aaron laughed saying that his dog did what he’d like to do when he meets a hot man.
Both guys laughed as they prepared the dinner sides like green beans and a salad.

Well, that’s about all we can do until the roast is ready, let’s grab a beer and sit out on the back patio Aaron suggested.
Sounds great! Kyle said with a smile as he grabbed the dog biscuits.
The three went outside, Jax intent on the dog treat box. He always seems to know where the treats are Aaron said as they laughed.
They sat on the patio chairs talking and tossing biscuits to Jax.  Kyle said he had been at the produce department for a couple of months after the housing market fell through, he had done drywall work on new home builds.
Aaron reached over and kissed Kyle saying that he had better go take out the roast and start getting the table set.
Kyle followed and took the plates, silverware and dinner rolls to the table while Aaron brought the roast with potatoes and carrots on a platter and carved slices off the roast.
Kyle remarked on how great the roast tasted as they ate, Aaron winked at him and said “I do meat right”  they both laughed.
They finished the meal going to the patio again, now the sun was gone and the sky dark but full of stars.

Aaron pulled Kyle onto the chase lounge with him holding him tight.
They kissed, groped each others crotches feeling shapes through the material, Kyle reached up and pulled Aaron’s shirt off then his own letting the warm summer air blow across them.
Aaron slid down and kissed Kyle’s left nipple then started chewing on it as it hardened.
He reached Kyle’s zipper pulling it open, reaching inside to find Kyle’s semi hard uncut cock. Aaron lifted Kyle’s ass to slide off his pants  leaving him naked under the moonlight.
Aaron took off his pants too and leaned over running his hand over Kyle’s balls lifting them up as he sucked one into his mouth feeling the loose skin of Kyle’s ball sac.
Aaron took Kyle’s hard cock in his hand feeling the foreskin at the end of the 7 inch shaft, Aaron licked the underside all the way to the tip running his tongue inside the loose skin and around the head of Kyle’s cock.
Kyle jumped from the action on his cock and started moaning how good it felt, Aaron sucked it deep into his throat in one gulp feeling Kyle’s pubic hair on his lips.

Kyle, rubbing Aaron’s bare shoulders while enjoying the attention to his cock slightly lifting his hips toward Aaron’s hungry mouth.
Aaron slowly lifted Kyle’s legs upward while he moved his tongue into Kyle’s ass crack working deep into his hot hole as he slid a finger inside pushing it in and working it around.
Ohhh… Aaron,,  that feels so good, you have a magic touch baby. Kyle said as he shifted and turned onto his side pulling one leg toward his stomach allowing Aaron access to mount his ass.
Grabbing a condom from his pants pocket that he had placed there earlier,  hoping to get the opportunity to use it tonight.
Aaron rolls the rubber onto his hard shaft and moves into place penetrating Kyle’s ass, starting out slowly with even pressure as Kyle pulls his upper leg toward his body  even tighter while he moaned how hard Aaron’s hot cock felt in his tight ass. Kyle reached back pinching at Aaron’ right nipple making it even stiffer than it had been .

Mmmm.. Fuck my ass Aaron, it feels so good to have you inside me filling my ass with your hard cock.
Yeah, Aaron whispered, mmm…  It’s been awhile since I’ve been with anyone and this feels so damn good, your ass is so tight Kyle.
Aaron speeds up his motion pushing deep into Kyle’s hole until his pubic hair is pressing hard on Kyle’s ass.
Reaching up continuing the motion he twists and rubs Kyle’s nipples making them very erect as Kyle moans ands moves with Aaron’s thrusts. Aaron reaches the pinnacle and starts cumming as he wildly pushes deep into the hot ass calling out Kyle’s name as he moans with lust and numbing pleasure throbbing through his body.
Kyle rolls over standing up and straddles Aarons legs jacking his hard cock while Aaron watches from below while rubbing Kyle’s legs.
Kyle starts fingering his well used hole as he shoots his hot load splashing it all over Aaron from his crotch to his face as Aaron licks some of the hot cum from his lips.
The two collapse in each others arms under the starlight, sticky, happy and spent, Kyle smiled at Aaron and asked if everyone got this kind of hospitality?
Aaron laughed and remarked “yeah the line at the door is never ending”.

Let’s grab a shower babe then we can come back out, relax and eat some strawberry shortcake and I’ll light a fire in the fire pit.
In the shower the boys ran their hands all over each other, exploring, feeling while kissing and tasting the other’s nipples, necks and lips. After drying off, not bothering to dress they went to the kitchen for the strawberry shortcake making sure Jax had a few bites too, they went out to the patio.
Kyle stared at Aarons nude shape squatting near the metal fire pit as he lit paper under some kindling, Kyle loved looking at Aarons silhouette of the small glow of the paper burning.
Aaron’s balls hanging low swinging as he worked on the fire.  Kyle moved in behind him reaching under his ass crack feeling his hole to Aaron’s balls and cock in one big handful pulling and tugging on them as he kissed Aaron’s neck. Mmmmm… Aaron groaned, that feels so good , they stood and locked in each others arms hugging with Aaron groping Kyle’s tight ass cheeks.
Aaron pulled Kyle onto the double chase lounge with him as they watched the fire and talked about how beautiful it was sitting out here with each other. Kyle remarked how good the meal was and that it was a real treat to be invited to dinner by such a handsome man. Aaron could feel the heat in his face over the compliment leaning over and kissing Kyle’s full red lips.
You don’t have to rush off do you? Aaron asked. You are welcome to stay the night if you would like, I have a big bed and would love to feel your heat next to me all night.
I’d love to stay, thanks, do you think Jax will mind? Kyle asked with a grin.  Naw, he thinks your pretty sweet too after you fed him half a box of dog treats. Aaron said as he poked Kyle in the side causing him to jump.
Kyle grabbed Aarons sides tickling him making Aaron really squirm trying to get away as he laughed uncontrollably,  Now I know your ticklish, you better watch out Kyle laughed. Jax jumped next to them barking and wanting to join in the play.
I feel like a kid when I get tickled like that, I just can’t stop laughing, I don’t know why I’m so ticklish.

The two talked and laughed while the fire light danced off their faces making their eyes twinkle, before they knew it, it was 2 am so they went off to bed as Kyle had to work the next morning but not until 10 o’clock. As they got into bed spooning and holding each other Kyle whispered to Aaron that this was the best evening he had had in a very long time, Aaron kissed Kyle’s cheek before they fell deep asleep.

The morning sun casting a golden glow onto the walls woke Kyle first, he stretched, feeling his morning wood moving against the sheets, he reached over to Aaron’s chest rubbing his hand across it feeling his nipples.
Aaron stirred at Kyle’s touch with a sleepy smile on his lips, “good morning handsome” Aaron said as he reached under the sheets to feel Kyle’s swollen cock, giving it a good squeeze. “Mmm feels like you are needing a little pre breakfast attention”.
Kyle gently rolled Aaron onto his stomach, sliding down burring his mouth in Aaron’s meaty ass cheeks, biting and chewing as Aaron lift’s his hips allowing better access to his wanting hole.
Kyle slides in a finger massaging and loosening enough to insert a second finger into Aaron’s tight ass gently at first then pushing deeper and harder as far as he could manage.
Moving into position Kyle inserted his hard dick into Aarons ass driving it to the hilt in one movement causing Aaron to gasp as he pushed back against the assault wanting more.
Fuck my ass baby, I need it all, oh, mmmm….baby! Aaron whispered as he carefully raised higher to his knees.
Kyle drove his shaft deep, then back almost out of the tight constraint and back again as he gripped Aaron’s hips. Aaron was jacking his own hard cock from below while his ass was getting a workout that he was sure was unmatched in past sexual encounters.
Kyle was going strong increasing in speed as he smacked Aaron’s ass cheek with his right hand leaving a red hand print behind.
 Within a dozen or so more thrusts Kyle let out a moan as he shot his load into Aaron’s ass feeling the wave’s of orgasm going through his body to his toes.
Kyle flipped Aaron onto his back going down on Aaron’s straining cock sucking it deep into his mouth as he swallowed it going to the pubic hair. Aaron grabbing Kyle’s head and hair pulling him down hard onto his shaft.
Kyle jammed his finger into Aaron’s cum lubed ass causing Aaron to blast his load of  sweet juice as Kyle sucked and gulped down ever drop with his hungry mouth.
Kyle collapsed onto Aarons chest, both breathing hard with smiles of satisfaction  as they kissed deeply.

I have to get moving here sweetie, I have produce to unload at 10 o’clock  and need to change clothes before work. Kyle stated.
Why don’t you get into the shower and I’ll get you some clothes to wear to work, I think we are about the same size, this way I can keep you here longer and I’ll even out together some breakfast while you shower. Aaron said with a grin. Will that work?
Yeah, Kyle replied, That works fine with me, and Ill be in your underwear all day that will be fun.
Aaron set out some black slacks, a white dress shirt, socks and a pair of red boxer briefs for Kyle to wear then went to work on the breakfast.
Frying some red potatoes and bacon as Kyle came in still buttoning his shirt. Oh,, see I usually don’t get a private and very naked breakfast cook!  he said with a huge smile.
What kind of eggs do you like baby? Aaron asked.
Anything is great, I love them anyway you would like to make them for me. He replied.
Ok, the coffee is ready right over there babe, help yourself and have a seat. Aaron said.
It’s so nice being out here in the country, no neighbors right on top of you like I have at my apartment. Kyle remarked.
Exactly, I love it out here surrounded by the vineyard’s  out here it’s so peaceful, Jax can run and chase rabbits all day and I have a doggie door for him so he can come inside and cool off, usually on the couch. Aaron laughed.
Aaron plated up the breakfast complete with scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese on top and served his sexy guest.
Kyle reached around Aaron’s waist pulling him closer kissing his navel and treasure trail, Thanks sweetie this breakfast looks so good.
They finished eating, Kyle saving a bite of eggs for Jax.
Oh, you just made a best friend, Jax loves eggs, Aaron said with a smile.
I hope I’ve made more than one friend? Kyle asked as he looked into Aarons eyes.
I think we will be hitting it off better tonight after you come back over for dinner, I have plenty of roast leftover and I can make it into beef enchilada’s if you are game? Aaron asked.
I’d love to, but I’ll have to stop by my apartment and get a change of clothing, I can’t live in your underwear forever. Kyle said. Although I do like the sound of it.
Me too Aaron said as he walked Kyle to the door seeing him off to work.
Kyle turned back, kissing Aaron’s full lips and said feel free to meet me at the door like you did yesterday he said.
“Oh, Naked, yeah I almost forgot” Aaron said while laughing, “that was embarrassing“.
No.. That was HOT! Kyle remarked. See you tonight baby.

Being a Saturday Aaron was off work and had a few chores to do around the house before going to the store for the ingredients for enchiladas.
Aaron let Jax outside to chase the rabbits and whatever other critter happened to get too close to the house while he vacuumed and cleaned up some in the living room.
No matter  what he did, all he could do was think about Kyle and the great time they had had the night before.
Aaron felt a stiffening in the front of his cargo shorts getting to a full boner he gave it a bit of a rub through the fabric with a smile.
At the grocery store Aaron picked up the tortilla’s, cheddar and Monterey jack cheese, black olives, and enchilada sauce before heading to the produce department, it was all he could do not to run pushing the cart, his heart raced to the point that he thought people near him could hear it.
Passing the bakery he could see  Kyle facing the other way near the watermelons, few people were in the area as he edged up to him quietly and said “excuse me sir, can you help me pick out a nice melon?” Kyle turned with a huge smile.
I’d love to help you with your melon Aaron. Kyle said with plenty of innuendo placed on the word melon. They both grinned at each other. Aaron said hope it’s ok that I’m bothering you here, but I do need a watermelon, I have a hot guy coming over for an enchilada dinner and need something refreshing to eat with it.
Mmmmm.  Should the “hot guy” bring anything? Kyle asked looking into the cart. I make a killer salsa, hot or mild, your choice? I can buy the stuff I need and I have a chopper in back so the flavors have time to mingle.
 Well,  come to think of it… that sounds great, but mild for me, I can’t take the heat. Aaron said.
I’ll grab some tortilla chips, some Corona  and a couple of limes, we’ll make a party of it.

Kyle walked over to grab two limes near him and tossed them into Aaron’s shopping cart.
Aaron, I really had a great time with you last night and breakfast this morning too, now your cooking for me again? You are going to spoil me. I’m off Sunday and Monday usually so I hope you can let me cook for you when I’m off and you come home tired form work?  Kyle asked.
Sounds like a deal, now I had better get out of here before my cock gets any harder. Aaron whispered near Kyle’s ear.
Kyle turned a bit red, but immediately glanced to Aaron’s crotch to see a noticeable bulge forming.

He discreetly watched Aaron’s ass as he walked toward the back of the store for the beer.
Kyle collected the things he needed for the salsa taking them to for register during his break then to the back room to put them into the food chopper, all he could do was think of Aaron, Jax, the house in the middle of miles of grape fields, wow what a perfect life, not paying attention to what he was doing, Kyle almost spilled the salsa he had just made as he poured it into a quart container.
His mind wandered as he stood there, how nice it would be to live with Aaron and have him to love and care for everyday.
KYLE! said the store manager, Kyle, wake up, your off somewhere, I paged you twice.
I have a lady out here wants to order some fruit trays for tomorrow. The manager said.
Oh,, sorry, I had the food chopper on, gets pretty loud, I’ll go help her now. Kyle staid with a smile.
No problem, but try to listen for the paging system. The manager said as he slapped him on the shoulder and walked out toward the bakery, probably towards the donut rack for another “quality control sample”.
Kyle helped the woman and went back to his work, still thinking about Aaron knowing that he still had three hours to work.

Aaron got home and started prepping the leftover roast beef  with sauce while he sang along with a current hit on the radio.
Wow, this was exactly what he needed, he could feel the lift in his heart, he was proud of himself for inviting Kyle over for dinner yesterday. He tossed Jax, who was watching intently, a nice chunk of beef , saying Jax.. Kyle is coming back over for dinner and will be here in a few hours, aren’t you excited? Aaron asked his dog. Jax was more interested in a few more bites of  roast than the idle chit chat.

Aaron cut up the watermelon and got it in to chill, wedged the limes for the beer, then made a sandwich to hold him until dinner taking it out onto the back patio, time for some sun, Aaron thought as he peeled off his shorts and tee shirt laying back naked on the chaise lounge enjoying his Ham and cheese sandwich and a Coke.
He could feel the sun baking through him, careful to only expose his gentiles to the sun for a few minutes before covering them with his tee shirt, can’t burn the man parts, hopefully will need those tonight he thought.

Kyle was off work and walking in to his apartment for a quick shower and to change out of  Aarons borrowed clothes. Getting ready to leave Kyle slipped on a pair of  shorts, no underwear as he was feeling this might be more fun tonight. Kyle also packed a few things like toothbrush, underwear, pants and a shirt to leave in his car, hoping that he might stay overnight again and not having to work the next day he wanted to be ready just in case.

Kyle got to Aaron’s house and could hear Jax razing hell barking, telling Aaron someone was pulling up to the house.
Aaron met Kyle as he got to the door. What?? Your not naked? Kyle asked with a huge smile.
Aaron popped his top button on his shorts and let them drop to the floor grinning at Kyle.
Let the party begin! Kyle yelled with a laugh in his voice.
Kyle was holding the grocery bag, Aaron reached over and unbuttoned Kyle’s shorts seeing no underwear he said NICE!,, we don’t need clothes out here much anyway Aaron laughed as he fondled Kyle’s low hanging balls.
Lets get this salsa into a bowl before I drop it, Oh, I got something for Jax Kyle said as he pulled a big bone wrapped in butcher paper. It’s alright isn’t it?
Sure, Jax will love that, he won’t want you to ever leave here. Aaron said looking into Kyle’s eyes as he kissed him.
Kyle leaned in and kissed then nibbled on Aarons nipple. Aaron groaned with pleasure.
Lets grab a beer and take the salsa and chips outside,
Kyle shoved lime into two Corona bottles and followed Aaron outside.
Cheers, Kyle said and he clanked his bottle onto Aaron’s to good friends! And lovers Aaron added with a grin.
Jax lay on the patio chewing on the beef bone Kyle had brought for him.
They chatted as they drank the beers, getting to know each other, Aaron found out that Kyle had only been in California for a couple of months from Ohio. Kyle laughed saying if he had to endure another winter there he would go insane, he had always wanted to come to California for the warmer climate and it seemed so exotic when your form Ohio.
Kyle had a boyfriend for  almost two years back in Ohio until he found the guy was cheating on him.
Wow, why would anyone want to cheat on you? Aaron asked, your such a sweet guy.
Thanks, but I just guess some guys are cheaters and some like me are not, I’d never cheat on my boyfriend, so when I found out, I thought it was a good time to make the break and head West.
I was born and raised in the area and have never lived more than  fifty miles from here, I love the warmth of the sun and the solitude of my house, don’t get me wrong, I love people , especially guys, Aaron laughed, but it’s so peaceful out here.
I agree, Kyle said laughing. Anywhere you can walk around naked is good in my book.
Aaron leaned and kissed Kyle pulling him close, tasting the lime and the salt from the chips on his lips.
I’ll be right back, I just need to pop dinner into the oven, won’t take a sec. Aaron said.

Kyle leaned back soaking the sun into his lightly tanned body, his head back and eyes closed.
Aaron walked around behind Kyle and ran his hand over Kyle’s cheek line  then down onto his chest to his nipples, rubbing his chest, feeling the heat form the sun and the passion from Kyle’s heart as Kyle pulled Aaron down on top of him as he lay back on the chaise lounge.
Mmmmm , baby, I could get used to this real fast Aaron said after kissing Kyle.
Me too Kyle replied as they moved with each other grinding one crotch to another.

Aaron reached over and grabbed Kyle’s beer pouring some into Kyle’s mouth and deliberately missing letting some of the cold beer run down onto his chest,.
Aaron licked the liquid from Kyle’s hot body as the man squirmed below him, his own passion getting stronger and his cock beginning to ooze pre-cum.
Aaron licked his way down Kyle’s lean and muscular body, his tongue going wild, his lips searching for lust while his teeth gave small nibbles on Kyle’s skin.
Kyle wrapped his legs around Aaron’s chest holding him tight against his crotch, feeling his hard cock pushing on Aarons body and rubbing the mans back.
Aaron lifts away form Kyle and turns around in the sixty-nine position and the two men devour each others cocks. Kyle sucking as he fingers Aarons tight hole causing Aaron to buck and move with his finger movements. Kyle pulls Aaron back to a sitting position onto his face while he sucks and chews on Aaron’s asshole and butt cheeks.
Aaron feels Kyle’s tongue pushing on his ring wanting inside, they each start jacking off while Kyle eats at Aarons ass.
Kyle’s foreskin sliding up and back on his rigid member pre-cum glistening in the sun.
Kyle was the first to shoot his load into the air with some landing on Aaron’s own cock causing him to fire his cum out all over Kyle’s belly and pubic hair as he yelled out Ohhhhhhh , Kyle,,, baby!
Wow! Aaron said as he lifted off of  Kyle’s incredible lips, stay put , Ill clean you up
Aaron returned a minute later with a cool wet towel and wiped both men’s cum form Kyle then kissed Kyle’s lip’s, that was wonderful he remarked.

They sat tight next to each other drinking the cool beer and snacking on the chips and spicy salsa, talking and laughing while the dinner cooked.
The sun started to set as Aaron brought dinner out to his handsome guest, serving up huge portions of beef enchiladas, a small green salad and the watermelon to cool the palate.
Kyle said he had not even had Mexican food that was this good in his life. as he devoured his meal.
Growing up here, we have such good food and such a Mexican influence I just love it, wait till you taste my tamale’s Aaron said, they take along time to make but are so worth it,  serve them with refried beans and Spanish rice, I’ll have you hooked on them in no time.
Wow, this is incredible, I don’t want to stop eating but feel like a pig. Kyle said as he laughed.
Please, feel at home and eat all you like, Aaron said as he stood, swinging his hips side to side, causing his cock to sway back and forth.
They both laughed.
Aaron cleared the plates as Kyle finished the last few bites of heaven as he called it.
Tonight Kyle did his best to try to make a fire but couldn’t seem to make it take off.
Here, Aaron said, let me help you as he stuffed newspaper into the bottom under the kindling as best as could with the small fire already going.
Now, add more small kindling, it will take off fast getting the fire hot enough to light the small logs. Aaron said as he turned to Kyle kissing his shoulder.
Kyle, I really like you, your such a nice and decent guy. Aaron said. It’s so nice to have you here with me.

I’m not THAT decent of a guy, Kyle laughed, don’t make me sound like a saint, I have my faults, just like anyone.
Like what? Aaron asked with a mischievous crooked smile.
Well, when I’m really tired I’ll snore, and sometimes I get grumpy in the mornings. Kyle stated trying to look serious.
Wow, you do have some real issues, are you in counseling? Aaron said as they both laughed rolling back onto the chaise.
Laying there in the firelight they kissed and held each other as Jax climbed up between their legs wanting some attention.

Aaron woke to an empty bed, then he smelled bacon being fired and realized that Kyle hadn’t left before he woke up but was making breakfast, this brought a smile to his face.
Rounding the corner into the kitchen, Jax sat with his attention on the source of the bacon scent, hoping for a bite or two while Kyle cooked breakfast.
Can I help? Aaron asked. Kyle jumped as he had not heard Aaron come in to the kitchen.
Ohhh I’m sorry to startle you baby, Aaron said as he kissed Kyle on the lips. This smells wonderful.
No, you sit down with some coffee, let me cook for you. I have already had three meals that you have cooked for me. Kyle replied.
I’m making pancakes with apple slices and cinnamon inside with bacon and eggs over easy, glad I found that you had an apple on hand. Kyle said with a smile.
I did? Aaron laughed, It really sounds wonderful. Kyle said as  he sipped his coffee.
Aaron was memorized  watching Kyle move around the kitchen, he could really get used to this Aaron was thinking, Kyle was such a nice guy.
This will warm your belly. Kyle said as he brought the platter of pancakes, eggs and bacon to the table.
It warms my heart too, having you here in my kitchen and in my life. Aaron said.

Kyle stopped plating his food and looked at Aaron, deep into his eyes, all he could do is smile a huge ear to ear smile before leaning over kissing Aaron on the lips.
They ate the delicious breakfast before going outside to the patio, Kyle stretched. So this is what it’s like to be out with clothes on. Kyle said with a poke to Aarons side.
They laughed. You can  be naked out here anytime you like baby, we are very far form any other houses. Aaron remarked.
In fact, drop your shorts here and follow me, Aaron said as he unfastened his own short dropping them to his feet.
Aaron walked out of his shorts and headed off into a rocky area with some scrub vegetation around it, Come on, Aaron said as he waved his hand in the direction he was headed.
Kyle followed suit leaving his shorts on the patio and followed  Aaron watching his fine tight ass, muscles bunching and releasing as he walked on the uneven path.
Within a couple of minutes they stopped, here we are. Aaron said.
Where? Kyle asked.
See the springs? I know it’s a bit small but it is on my property, it’s a hot spring, lets take a soak. Aaron said  as he climbed in.
The spring was about the size of a kiddy pool or a bit larger with flat rocks moved around  in places to fashion seats.
There are over 300 hot springs in California, how lucky to have one right here. I want to enlarge it sometime soon. Aaron stated as he watched Kyle settle into the hot water slowly.
This one stays about 106 degrees year round give or take, I came out here one evening and once walked up on two local guys that had ridden their horses out here. When I came up on them they were in the throws of passion, I about scared them to death, Told them they were welcome anytime. Aaron said I think they live about four miles from here.

This is fantastic! Kyle said with a boyish look on his face, you would have to pay a fortune for this in a  spa.
It’s a great way to relax and soak after a long week at work, that’s for sure.
I would love to help you work on this and make it bigger. Kyle said with a serious look on his face.
Aaron laughed very loud,  Kyle looked confused as Aaron stood up.
You already helped make this bigger! Aaron said as his semi hard cock emerged form the hot water.
Kyle laughed too as Jax ran through the bushes around them trying to startle a rabbit he could chase.

They relaxed for about 30 minutes and Aaron said.  Kyle, sweetie we had better get out of this sun or we will be sorry tonight when we are sunburned, it can be brutal.
Kyle stood up and reached over to give a helping hand to Aaron pulling him close, kissing him as their wet cocks bounced and pushed together. Kyle reached  behind to Aarons ass cheeks pulling them apart and up as they kissed.
They walked back toward the house while Aaron rested his hand on Kyle’s shoulder. Can a day off get any better than this? Kyle asked.
Not much, Aaron said, unless I had a butler has the cold beer waiting for us when we get back.
Hey, want to take a drive to my apartment for a bit?  I have been here for two days straight now and you haven’t seen it yet anyway.
Sure, let’s slip our shorts back on and go, let me grab a us couple of Cokes for the drive, I’m a bit thirsty after the hot springs soak. Aaron said.

Driving over in Kyle’s Toyota, Aaron rested his hand on Kyle’s thigh feeling very comfortable with him. looking at Kyle’s boyishly handsome face with a straight jaw line, tan with short cropped dark brown hair not shaved but not much to comb either, Aaron couldn’t stop looking at Kyle’s gorgeous blue gray eyes, he wanted to swim in them.
What? Kyle asked.  What?? Aaron asked back.
You keep staring at me, is there something wrong? Kyle asked in amusement.
Aaron blushed and looked away then looking back, I just feel so at ease with you , like I’ve known you all my life. Yet I can’t get enough of looking at you. I haven’t felt this way before. Aaron answered.
I know the feeling, I’ve been trying not to attack you, devouring you every time I look your way. Kyle responded with a big grin.

Aaron took his hand from Kyle’s thigh and rubbed it up and down his leg but stopping near his crotch, close enough to feel the heat from Kyle’s balls through his shorts.
Turning into an apartment complex Kyle stopped in a parking space. This is it, my kingdom awaits. Kyle’s laughed.
They walked into the lower floor unit, the cool air hit them, it felt good being in from the heat of the afternoon.
It’s just a studio apartment, I have only been here two months or so and still making do until I am ready to move to a larger apartment. I don’t enjoy moving it at all. Kyle said. At least I didn’t have to sign a lease here., I told them I would not be here too long.

Hey, Kyle… why don’t you move out with me and Jax? Aaron asked. I know we haven’t known each other just a few day’s but I feel so good being around you.
I don’t want to put any pressure on you and maybe I am moving too fast, but I have been alone too long and well.. err.. Aaron stammered.
Damn, that didn’t come out very smooth. Aaron said a bit embarrassed.

Kyle looked into Aarons eyes, took his hands to Aarons cheeks and pulled him close, kissing him on the lips.
I think, you are thinking the same thoughts as I am, I was just a bit more scared to say it this early on too. Kyle said. Do you think we are ready this fast?

I am, I have been infatuated with you since I first laid eyes on you. I think……. I love you, I know its not just the sex, although that is wonderful but I have such a good feeling about you and don’t know how I will get any work done at all on Monday. Aaron said while laughing.

Ok, I like the idea more than you know, let’s give it a few more days and if we both feel the same them we have at least given it more time to be sure. Kyle said as he held Aaron tightly.
Aaron wanted to scream out, he was so happy, he felt drunk with the scent of Kyle inhaling around his neck and chest.
Kyle pulled Aaron onto the bed that also served as a couch as Kyle had so little furniture.
Kissing him and feeling his bare chest, slipping his hand to the waist band of Aarons shorts slipping past and down to Aarons cock and his soft ball sac.
Kyle leaned over and kissed Aaron’s left nipple then chewing it softly. Kyle reached over to an end table drawer and pulled out a black rubber cock ring, Kyle slid Aarons shorts off and carefully put the cock ring on Aarons stiffening cock then pushed each ball through it.
Wow, Aaron said, I have never had one of these on, really didn’t know what they are for so never bothered.
Watch this, Kyle said as he put his lips on the head of Aarons cock sliding down deep onto the shaft.
He did this a few times and pulled off revealing Aarons bulging cock, his veins were standing out farther than Aaron had ever seen.
Damn! that makes my cock look so much bigger, feels great Aaron exclaimed.
You will feel the difference too. Kyle said. Fuck me with that monster, let me feel it deep inside my ass baby.
Kyle rolled onto his back pulling his knees toward his chest as Aaron moved into place, pausing to bend down and suck Kyle’s cock for a minute then moving to his waiting hole. Aaron licked  and chewed on Kyle’s ass  driving him wild.
Aaron raised up and pushed his swollen cock head at the opening to Kyle’s ass, gentle but firm pressure is passed the tight ring plunging all the way to his balls. Oh my God! Baby…mm you are sooooo tight. Aaron moaned as he pumped his manhood deep inside Kyle’s hungry ass.
Kyle pulled his legs higher and his knees to the outside of his body wrapping his arms over his own legs giving Aaron more access to fuck him wildly.
Aaron drove his hard member deeper than ever before pulling it almost all the way out then back as fast as he could.
Sweat was forming on Aarons chest as Kyle lifted his ass higher watching Aarons hard cock was plunging in and pulling out of him, Aarons cock was really stiff and fat from the cock ring.
Fuck me hard baby, it feels so good. Kyle said panting. Your huge cock really fills my ass.
Aaron grinned as he looked into Aarons eyes just before the orgasm hit him, ohhhhhhhhh… Kyle, fuck, oh my GOD! Ohhhhhhh,,mmmmmm……..ooooo…Aaron groaned as he shot a massive load into Kyle’s hot ass.
Don’t pull out Kyle said as he lowered his legs grabbing his hard cock and began stroking it rapidly.
I want to cum with you still inside me love. Kyle whispered.
Aaron moved his hips side to side letting Kyle feel his cock , still hard inside his ass as he jacked off.
Kyle shot streams of cum flying into his own face and on his open lips with some going onto his teeth.
Ooooooohhhhhhhhh BABY!  He exclaimed as he licked his cum form his lips.  That was so hot.
Aaron leaned in and licked some cum form Kyle’s chest taking it up to Kyle’s mouth as he kissed him, they shared Kyle’s cum as each tongue played with the other.
Aaron collapsed onto Kyle’s chest feeling the sticky love syrup between them as his cock slid out of Kyle’s ass.
They lay there, the silence only broken by their heavy breathing, Aaron kissed Kyle again, Still want to wait before moving in with me? Aaron asked.
No!  Kyle said with a grin, lets go find some packing boxes! I am so ready to be your significant other baby.

Jax and I have so much room out there too and I can’t wait for you to be all moved in, I can come after work this week and help Aaron said in an excited voice.

They showered and toweled off pausing to kiss and feel each others still damp bodies.
I can’t believe that last week I was so alone and now I’ve met you, Kyle you are all I can think about, I know love at first sight is a cliché but I love you and I think I have since I first laid eyes on you. Aaron said.

I know what you mean, when I got to your house that fist day and you answered the door naked holding that wet towel, I said “thank you Jesus”! in my head Kyle laughed. I love you too.
I think I’ve been waiting for you to find me, this is why I moved to California, I was so lonely in Ohio. Kyle said.
They dressed and headed out into the heat of the day.
Make a right up here Aaron said,  ok now pull into that parking lot.  I love this place it’s the 4th Street Grille Aaron explained as they walked into the restaurant, they have the best steaks here but I want a big juicy burger and a beer!
Oh, that sounds great Kyle said, I’m starving.
The waiter took their orders and retuned with two icy cold mugs of beer, here’s to our future together Kyle said as he raised his glass to Aaron’s clinking them together after his toast. Aaron smiled as he sipped his beer looking into Kyle’s eyes, he felt he was in heaven and couldn’t believe he was moving into a relationship this fast  but was very sure of his feelings for Kyle.

They ate the burgers while laughing and telling stories of their past, each wanting to know more about the other but realizing that they were so much alike.

This IS a fantastic hamburger Aaron, I’m so glad we ate here instead of grabbing a fast food burger, these have so much more flavor. Kyle said.

Aaron ordered a second round of beer as they finished up eating, It’s so enjoyable to relax here with you  baby, this is so wonderful. Aaron said. I feel like I have a permanent smile stuck to my face.
I know the feeling, I don’t think I’ve stopped grinning since I met you.
One more stop before home baby Aaron said. Kyle looked at him wondering with a quizzical look.
Hardware store, I need to make you a key to the house,…. OUR house sweetie. Aaron grinned.
Jax loves you too, well, you did feed him a half a box of treats that first night, sort of cemented the friendship on the spot. Aaron said with a laugh.
On the way home Kyle reached over to Aarons thigh, squeezing it softly, I love you baby! I feel like I have fireworks in my heart for you. Kyle said.
Aaron leaned over to Kyle’s shoulder knowing that he would be with this man until they were very old.
The End

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ryce's Video Breaks 12,000 Hits on You Tube

My you tube channel just broke 200,000 hits, a milestone.

I also just had my first 1,000 hit day on February 15.

Most of my viewers are from the United States.  However, the top 10 countries almost exactly match where the viewers of this blog are from.

Since I opened my channel in July 2008, two and one-half years ago, I have uploaded 146 videos, including photomontages and machinimas.

About 50% of my hits have come from the 14 videos  that I  have done that have nothing to do with Second Life or Virtual Reality.  50% of my hits are coming from the remaining 132.  Out of those, 118 are about Second Life and 14 are about Blue Mars.

My most popular Second Life video with over 12,000 hits is called "The Second Life Emerald Viewer Advanced Environmental Settings".  The Emerald viewer, now banned, was the precursor to the Phoenix viewer.

I made it as a bit of joke, however. All the video is are images of my photogenic alt, Ryce Skytower, standing against a wall, showing off his armpits and buff torso and looking vapid. I imagine that many people who expected a more technical study of photography in the Emerald Viewer were thought my video was junk.  Several people seemed to think Ryce was a real -world person and offered me dates in private messages which was interesting.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

You Tube: Ryce's New video: Is it True Blond Alts Have More Fun?

We examine the classic question - about blonds having more fun -- by taking a look at different portraits of Ryce taken over the past year.

Hey, I had nothing to do this afternoon, OK?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A New Profile Photograph for Ryce

On Thursday of last week, I reviewed Ryce modeling Uncle Web's Nick hair in Oriental Brown.

I thought some of these shots might make a nice profile photograph.

I recommend the following for the perfect profile photo:

1. The dimensions should be 4 wide x 3 high.

2. Since the area for the profile photo is very limited, showing only your face will produce the best recognition. An entire body shot is simply too big for the limited space on hand.

3. Use your name. Although a full name is not necessary, a name helps people remember you -- which is why you want to have a profile photo in the first place.

4. Keep the pixels to 512 x 512 (or even 256 x 256) when you upload. Anything bigger will take too long to rez.

I am not sure I will use any of these for Ryce, but I did want to share these images with you.

Ryce's current profile photo is shown at the very end.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ryce at Club Envy

Ryce Skytower went to a new very late after hours club last night -- Rex Saxondale's Club Envy.   It is really a hang out place for friends, but meets the need for a club that is open after midnight Second Life time -- one that is chilled but "hot" at the same time. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ryce Skytower at Jungleboys on Friday Night

Jungleboys had a cool mushroom-forest fantasy set last night and it was magical -- with all the warm lights adding for nice effects. Ryce Skytower went and danced up a storm in his banana boxers, which he really needs to change for silks to look more the part of the club. I will take him shopping later.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ryce Models Uncle Web's Nick Hair in Oriental Brown

Ryce Skytower likes his new hair -- "Nick" by Uncle Web in Oriental Brown.  The soft brown color with red highlights is a nice change from his usual blond coloring. 

The hair comes in three sizes so you do not have to spend resizing it (I wish more hair manufacturers would do this) and cost $210 Linden.  It is available in a wide range of colors.

The necklace is by Regi Yifu.

Eyes:  2C Light Green, SLURL:

The landmark to Uncle Web - which really is unmatched for realistic looking hair coloring: