Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ryan Tuni Photographs Emanuelle Jameson and Ryce Skytower

Photographer and handsome Jungleboys slave Ryan Tuni photographed Ryce Skytower and Emanuelle (nee Jennnnna Jameson), Second Life's biggest pornstar, last Friday night.  These were photographed at the gorgeous Jungleboys sims.

Ryan is available for conventional and erotic photography and has excellent rates, please contact him inworld if you are interested.

Ryce wants to assume everyone that he is gay but really likes his good friend beautiful Emanuelle.  Sorry girls he is off limits.

Please enjoy these hot photographs.

Portrait of Ryan Tuni by Eddi Haskell

Ryce Skytower and Tane Daxter Dance at Leather Night at Tadd's

Ryce Skytower went to Tadd's last night and ran into hot Tane Daxter -- and hit the dance floor with him for a while.