Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Congratuations to Ryce Skytower's Second Life For Reaching 10,000 Hits!

Ryce's First Beefcake Photograph in 2008

Eddi Haskell's Second Life would like to congratulate Ryce Skytower's Second Life for reaching  10,000 unique hits.  Ryce's blog was first published in October 2009 under the name "Confessions of an Airhead". Since then, Ryce has thrilled his readers with various photographs  including  X-Rated shots of himself doing what he does best -- standing around and looking vapid.

The Original Masthead

In case you are wondering if I am congratulating myself since Ryce is my alt, well, the answer is yes!  Ryce does not maintain a separate identity for himself. But since this is Second Life you can get away with just about anything!

Thanks for reading, Eddi

The Idea which Inspired Ryce way back in 2008  -- Advanced Gay Avatar Design

Which Photographs of Ryce are you Downloading the Most?

Here are the top 10 photographs of Ryce that you have been downloading lately:

Ryce Hanging out at Hubs Garage

Ryce Modeling the Xcite X-4 frontal

Ryce Modeling the Xcite X-4 sideways

For More Photos of Ryce's X4:

Johny Alderton co-owner of Tadd's did this great montage of Ryce

Ryce at Paradise Beach

Neko Ryce Dancing at Tadd's

Rear View Ryce

Ryce Models Redgrave

Ryce at Jungleboys

 Ryce Sunbathing

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ryce as Oil Paintings using Flauntr

The PicasR feautre in Flauntr, one of my favorite online photo processing programs, can  yield some gorgeous effects to your photography. I have demonstrated this earlier here -- and want to show you different color effects.The model is my alt, Ryce Skytower.

Flauntr took over 50 famous paintings and scanned them to determine what the color effects were.  All you have to do is upload your image and start experimenting with some different color hue effects.

Here is my original photograph of Ryce photographed in a reddish hue at Jungleboys.

There are over 50 painting palettes uploaded. It is fun to experiment with them. I am showing four variations below. Flauntr remains one of my most used online photo editors primarily because of this feature, and the flexible framing of images available.

The name of the paintings used to change the image is under each photographic variation.

Customs House

Grey Lady


Cloudy Sunset

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to Make the Perfect Profile Picture

Ryce Skytower's profile picture needed updating.

To make the perfect profile picture:

1. Keep the design simple and easy to see -- you have a very small space to work with.

2. The dimensions should be 4 wide x 3 high to keep the proportions correct for the space you have to use.

3. Consider alternative layouts -- the shows Ryce at an angle and is not your standard fact shot.

4. Consider putting your name on -- its a nice touch.