Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ryce at the Ivory Tower - With Second Life's Oldest Object

One of the very first, and still very good, builds in Second Life is the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives, built in 2005. . It is worth a visit. There are very good demonstrations available. Here is the SLURL:

Nearby on Philips' Hill is "The Man" Statue created by oldjohn Linden. It claims to be the oldest object in Second Life, dating back to July 19,2002. You can Ryce Skytower, standing next to it to get the proper feel for the size of it.

Speaking of Ryce, he is modeling all Redgrave outfit of dirty cyan jeans, blue sports sweater, and metallic blue sneakers. Redgrave is turning into Ryce's favorite fashion design when he decides to keep his clothes on.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ryce Had a Great Time at Zeus on Thurday Night

Ryce Skytower, my clubgoing alt, had a great time at Club Zeus on Thursday night. It is a bit of a new club for Ryce and myself, and I have to recommend it. The club is open earlier in the evening when many other clubs are closed.

I frequently come in as Ryce (who has been called the worst secret in Second Life) because I have a bit more privacy-- but publish the fact that I am Ryce in my profile and sometimes where a tag to that effect. Also, it is fun to be a cute blond at times!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ryce at Club T-Bone

It was hot underwear night last night.  There is Ryce in his leopardskin undies.

Monday, July 12, 2010

SEE RYCE'S MOVIES INWORLD AT THE KEYHOLE CINEMA: Ryce is Featued in Two Emanuelle (nee Jennnna) Jameson Movies!

Ryce's close friend Emanuelle Jameson (formerly Jennnna Jameson before Linden Labs required her to change her name), who is the biggest adult entertainment star in Virtual Reality,  now has her own theater devoted just to her works, the Keyhole Cinema.  Not only that, two of the films feature Ryce Skytower -- under the alias of Ryce Hightower his film name which was designed to conceal his identify ( no one will ever know they are the same person right?)

Films Featuring Ryce:

The Beautiful Ones

and the top Second Life adult film of the year, How to Be a Second Life Pornstar.

SLURL to theater:

Ryce Makes a Personal Appearance at the Keystone Theater