Sunday, December 27, 2009

I took more pics of myself for New Years Eve!

Some people liked my first set of pics so I took some more for the New Years!

Picture are available for download on Eddi's Picasa Site.

Friday, December 18, 2009

More Pictures of my first fashion show

Jago Constantine took these pictures, and I would like to thank him for letting me use them

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My First Fashion Show for Subversion Men's Wear!

In November, I was very honored that Webgoddess Mars invited me to be a model at a major fashion event that was held on Impulse Island on Saturday for Prynce Llewellyn's Subversion Men's Wear.  Over 60 people came; the event was held on two sims and was one of the best run shows ever! 

Here I am with Fashion Diva Webgoddess Mars wearing a 60's retro suit that has to be one of the coolest outfits I have ever seen in Second Life.  I felt like I was on Carnaby Street back when it was the place to be in London!

Here are some of the other models.  My old bud Cody Bolero is one of  best known male models in Second Life in on the right.  He helped give me pointers, and I was honored to be in the show with him.  Osy Alcott is on the left, and Hendrik Inglewood is in the middle.

Here I am modeling my first hot outfit which was a white harness with matching jock layer.  I got a lot of woofs for this one! But being a model is alot of hard work and practice, you have to make your moves on the runway just right and know what to do if for some reason the technical perfromance of the sim keeps your plans less than perfect!  Jago Constantine took these hot pics.

A the end of the show all the models lines up for a big applause from the audience.

And DJ Ralphy Triellis led a great party at Impulse afterwards.  You can see Cody and his partner Billy Baylock dancing on the left.

 Why don't you check out the Subversion store on Impule Island to see these and other cool clothes!  They really are great and stylish!

SLURL to Subversion:

Friday, December 11, 2009

Me in Soccer Shorts

Playing futbol in Eddi's Gallery.   Knocked over some of his pics by accident.

Friday, November 27, 2009

I am in my first porn movie!

I am the guest star in this new movie by Eddi Haskell!   This is actually my first film! Make sure to check it out!  I am watching Duke and Tad get it on at the movies!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Here I am in different photographic finishes.

Eddi is a photographer and he took this portrait of me in his airship in color, black and white, and a sepia tone.  i am not sure which I like the best.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Will Ryce Switch Sides? Is a straight porn contract next?

 Here I am with Second Life's number 1 straight flick porn star, Jennnna Jameson, star of many Second Life flicks, and porn industry reporter for the Zindra Times.  We originally (at Eddi Haskell's request, the guy is such a perv) started kissing on the steps of his gallery in Zindra, and things got a bit out of hand. I have to admit Jennnna is a total babe.

Will I do some straight porn flicks?  Stay tuned here to find out!

Conversation at Tadd's Cabaret Tonight

[21:49]  Eddi Haskell: if you have a slutty alt you have to make sure you know which one of you slept with who, cause you can get in trouble
[21:49]  buger Shan: sure baby
[21:49]  Scottie Kiranov: lol
[21:49]  Mirah McGuire: LMAO eddi
[21:49]  korack Koskinen: oh let me finish the rest of that lo